Davis Street Garages

428, 614 & 634 W. Davis St. · View Map Commercial suites from $18/sf

The automotive garages that proliferate on Davis Street date back to the days of the Model A, when the road was a brick-paved stretch of U.S. Route 80. Without hiding their gritty origins, Good Space has converted three structures for modern commercial use. The four office suites at Route 80 Studios (428 W. Davis) feature rugged interiors, collaborative floor plans, and arguably Dallas’ coolest parking lot. The first floor of Settles Garage (614 W. Davis) is occupied by Bolsa, a four-star restaurant. The eight offices upstairs offer affordable space for small creative firms. Two doors down, Kemp Garage (634 W. Davis) hosts Bolsa Mercado, a grocery and catering spin-off of the restaurant. All three locations include serene patios, water-wise landscaping, and playful architectural nods to their automotive heritage.